“BAD VOTES” Missouri Legislative Session 2017

Missouri HB 289 *Proposed amendment to workers compensation law would have allowed paid or volunteer firefighters to make a workers compensation claim when they have contracted cancer due to putting their lives on the line for their community. A “NO vote prioritizes the insurance industry over the men and women who have developed life crippling diseases as a result of toxic carcinogens while fighting fires. Allen Andrews: Voted “NO”



HB 288 Lowers unemployment benefits – unfairly ties top benefit rate to statewide unemployment average regardless of whether the local unemployment is higher that the state average. *Currently, and individual in the state who loses their job THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN – can receive unemployment benefits for up to 20 weeks * A “YES” vote significantly reduces that amount of assistance that a displaced worker is afforded – and puts a disproportionate burden on communities in our state with unemployment levels above the state average. Allen Andrews: Voted “YES”.



HR8 – A “Yes” vote would have put an end to the corrupting influences of gifts by lobbyists to representatives along with cleaning up the appearance of pay-to-play politics in Jefferson city. A “No” vote is a vote to continue the culture of corruption in Jefferson City and a move by representatives to protect the status quo that enriches themselves at the cost of fair policy discourse and transparency. Allen Andrews: Voted “NO”



Thank you to Mitch Wrenn, Democratic Candidate for Missouri State Representative District 6, for some of this insight. (Wrenn’s Facebook page)