ncd-1000x1000We are the Nodaway County Democrats, upholding national democratic party principles, and helping spread the word about related ideas and causes.

Join us the second Monday of each month, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Meetings are held at the Wesley Center, 549 W. 4th Street, Maryville.

Topics vary, please email us for information: NodawayCountyDems@gmail.com.

GOTV in Nodaway County

IMG_5670Nodaway County Democrats are getting out the vote, encouraging residents to vote in the Nov. 6 primary election.

On Sunday, Oct. 21, Missouri Democratic Party Chair Steven Weber joined a group of canvassers at the Nodaway County office of the MDP, providing helpful tips and information for canvassers to share with residents.

The Nodaway MDP office is open in full force during the primary season. Volunteer to help! How? You can post in our Facebook group, email us, or just visit the offices — we’re in the old John Deere building on Hwy 71, north side of Maryville, Mo.


Aug. 7 primary, Nov. 6 general election candidates

According to the Nodaway News, these are the candidates for the Aug. 7 primary and the Nov. 6 general election:

State Representative for District 1: Allen Andrews, Grant City, Republican; and Paul Taylor, Skidmore, Democrat.

Nodaway County Recorder of Deeds: Lisa Nickerson, Maryville, Republican; and Sandra “Sandy” Smail, Maryville, Democrat.

Nodaway County Clerk: Melinda Patton, Maryville, Republican.

Nodaway County Presiding Commissioner: Bill Walker, Maryville, Republican.

Prosecuting Attorney: Robert Rice, Maryville, Republican.

Associate Circuit Judge: Doug Thomson, Maryville, Republican.

Circuit Clerk: Elaine Wilson, Maryville, Republican; and Jaclyn Cochenour, Maryville, Republican.

Atchison Township: Byron A. Clark, Clearmont, Republican.

Green Township: Mary M. Porter, Burlington Jct., Democrat.

Hughes Township: Doris K. “Kathy” DeVault, Graham, Republican; and Stan Sportsman, Graham, Republican.

Jackson Township: Lowell Dean Adwell, Ravenwood, Republican; Monica A. Patton, Ravenwood, Republican; Robert Stiens, Ravenwood, Democrat; and Joyce Stiens, Ravenwood, Democrat.

Monroe Township: Rana Killingsworth, Skidmore, Democrat.

Nodaway Township: Suzanne Rasmussen, Burlington Jct., Republican; and James Rasmussen, Burlington Jct., Republican.

Polk Township: Jessie M. Smith, Maryville, Republican; Mark Rodney Watkins, Maryville, Republican; and Joseph W. Baumli, Maryville, Democrat.

Washington Township: Steve Farnan, Guilford, Democrat; and Julie Farnan, Guilford, Democrat.

White Cloud Township: Kay Wilson, Barnard, Republican; and Robert Lager, Maryville, Democrat.

“BAD VOTES” Missouri Legislative Session 2017

Missouri HB 289 *Proposed amendment to workers compensation law would have allowed paid or volunteer firefighters to make a workers compensation claim when they have contracted cancer due to putting their lives on the line for their community. A “NO vote prioritizes the insurance industry over the men and women who have developed life crippling diseases as a result of toxic carcinogens while fighting fires. Allen Andrews: Voted “NO”



HB 288 Lowers unemployment benefits – unfairly ties top benefit rate to statewide unemployment average regardless of whether the local unemployment is higher that the state average. *Currently, and individual in the state who loses their job THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN – can receive unemployment benefits for up to 20 weeks * A “YES” vote significantly reduces that amount of assistance that a displaced worker is afforded – and puts a disproportionate burden on communities in our state with unemployment levels above the state average. Allen Andrews: Voted “YES”.



HR8 – A “Yes” vote would have put an end to the corrupting influences of gifts by lobbyists to representatives along with cleaning up the appearance of pay-to-play politics in Jefferson city. A “No” vote is a vote to continue the culture of corruption in Jefferson City and a move by representatives to protect the status quo that enriches themselves at the cost of fair policy discourse and transparency. Allen Andrews: Voted “NO”



Thank you to Mitch Wrenn, Democratic Candidate for Missouri State Representative District 6, for some of this insight. (Wrenn’s Facebook page)


Stephen Webber Speaks at Meeting

Stephen Webber speaks at the Aug. 14, 2017, meeting. (Photo by Elyssa Ford)

What a great turnout at our Aug. 14 meeting! We had 53 people there with a few folks from Andrew and Buchanan Counties and at least 8 people from Atchison County. If you couldn’t be there, you missed a good one – as one attendee said, he was so happy to “breath all this Democrat air.”

Stephen Webber, chair of Missouri Democrats, spoke for about an hour and half. He highlighted a number of different issues, including:

• The broad idea that Democrats are focused on progress and looking forward, while Republicans for many years have been looking to the past as when things were better (they are worse now and must return to the past). NCD Note: We are already aligned with this as a group because we chose “For Progress and Justice” as our tagline just after we organized!


• Three ways in which the current Republican Party is pushing forward ideas that will hurt rural America:

  1. HEALTHCARE – Republicans have nothing, especially nothing that will improve the healthcare for middle class and working class people; instead their plan involves tax cuts for the wealthy and worse care for the rest (not only is this bad but simply not fair),
  2. EDUCATION with the push to privatization and the voucher system (few private schools in rural areas – how does this benefit us? instead it acts as a subsidy for people in urban areas – you are helping them send their kids to private schools, and
  3. INFRASTURCTURE improvement through private businesses (because they will only build will they were make money, which is in high traffic urban areas – they lose money in rural areas).

• Goals of the Democratic Party: have involvement from 4 areas :

  1. Big, long-term, established interest groups – Examples of what this could be: Planned Parenthood, ACLU, NAACP
  2. Grassroots orgs (more recently established) – Examples of what this could be: groups like this, Indivisible, PSNKC, Blacks Lives Matter
  3. Candidates themselves
  4. Democratic party!

• Missouri Democratic Party, in the gear up for 2018 elections, will be providing training for groups like ours in how to recruit and support candidates, how to more effectively use social media to create change, how to canvas, etc. They also have training for people running for office.

Let the MDP know when there are candidates so that the MDP can start them on this path. Interested persons should contact run@missouridemocrats.org.

To help the effort to combat misinformation, dishonesty, and deception on the internet, join the Show Me Truth effort. See this page for details.

Finally, the MDP has hired a communications person to help provide some messaging for people who are running for small offices so that they also have the main party messages, know what issues and ballots to support and how to talk about them, and can help with what will be the big areas of focus in 2020 (ex: governor and McCaskill).

• Main points:

We HAVE to get people on the ballots for all of the spots. A huge number of rep/senate seats at the state level were entirely unopposed. We HAVE to work to win back the governor’s seat in 2020, hut we also HAVE to make progress in 2018.

(Post written by Elyssa Ford)